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Advertising Your Business with Stunning Boat Wraps

Ever thought of advertising your business on the open water? With custom boat wraps, vinyl boat graphics and custom boat decals, there’s a wealth of opportunity awaiting you.

Once available to only professionals, boat wraps are now the ideal choice for anyone looking to take their advertising efforts to the water. Whether you’re looking to promote your own business, or simply increase awareness for a brand or cause, these UV resistant vinyl boat wraps don’t just protect the surface of your watercraft – they increase the visibility of your vessel with jaw-dropping designs. All you need to do is look at your hull as a blank canvas, and let your imagination run wild.

Ads on Wheels® will cover the rest.

How Do We Create a Custom Boat Wrap?

Using a variety of design software, including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, designing a boat wrap or boat decal requires an extensive focus on the details, such as the aspect of three-dimensional design, and the visibility of the graphics once the vessel has been placed in the water. To ensure that all of these nuances are accounted for, we have a full staff of in-house designers that can create the most inspiring design that effectively conveys your message. We believe that the goal of any great design should be to promote your brand, company, product, or service within three seconds of it being viewed.

When it comes time to print, our boat wraps are often printed using UV resistant inks onto an adhesive vinyl material that’s protected with a high gloss, hard laminate. To ensure the highest quality resolution and image clarity available, we only utilize the most advanced latex printing technologies as well. Typically, boat wraps are printed in panels, which will appear seamless when installed onto the boat itself given that the installation is performed by a certified installation specialist.

Fortunately, Ads on Wheels® has certified and tested installers nationwide, and throughout Canada as well.

What Are the Benefits?

Boat Wraps
Paint vs. Vinyl

Unlike the design and installation process of boat wraps, the typical process of airbrushing takes an extended period of time and much higher cost for the boat owner. Additionally, airbrushing graphics onto a boat also does not allow for the owner to quickly resell the boat. All vinyl wraps we produce are easily removed with no damage to the surface. When it comes to the design of boat graphics there is virtually no limitation of what can be printed on a wrap versus the restraints of a painted boat graphic.


Advertising a business, product, or service on a boat creates a unique exposure to a potential market that’s typically unavailable to most companies. The memorability of a boat advertisement is long lasting and cost effective in any setting. From it’s time being transported on a trailer, to it’s time in the water, a boat wrap or a boat decal is always advertising your business. Ideal venues and times for boat advertisements are organized fishing events, holiday weekends at the beach, and of course boat shows.

Have You Thought About Your Project?

Give us the opportunity to review your next boat wrap project. We warranty all of our wraps and have our history of satisfied customers to prove it.