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commercial vehicle graphics
commercial vehicle graphics

Commercial Vehicle Graphics: Create Instantly Recognizable Fleet Vehicle Graphics

Maintaining the integrity of your company branding throughout your fleet vehicles is critical to the success of any design. Your fleet graphics tell your customers who you are. Your competition and your clients are watching your brand. If your fleet vehicles are dirty, old, and inconsistently identified, it will certainly send a message of your commitment to your vision. Let us create a contiguous design that allows for your brand to be consistent in color, message clarity, and image quality. We ensure to create a design that will look just as exciting on a trailer as does on a box truck. Even if you don’t have the newest vehicles, we can improve the appearance of your commercial vehicle graphics. Establishing a unique and recognizable brand identity is more important than ever. Let the most experienced fleet graphics design staff in the country, set your company apart from your competitors.

Fleet Vehicle Graphics

To accomplish the goal of creating distinct, consistent commercial fleet graphics for your fleet, we employ a staff of the most experienced fleet graphics professionals in the industry. Developing full wrap designs for your fleet affords your procurement departments to buy or lease inventory regardless of vehicle color.

Fleet vehicles with full color graphics can be remarketed with greater resale value and less reconditioning. Commercial vehicle wraps can be removed with no damage to OEM paint, allowing for recapture of fleet asset capital. Fleet managers discover that unwrapping vehicles is substantially less expensive than repainting. Repainting of fleet vehicles is often found after removal of die-cut or contour cut lettering, resulting in “ghosting” of graphics.

To learn more about pricing and to see what best fits your budget, please head to our contact page to get in touch with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives.

commercial van graphics
commercial van graphics

National Fleet vs. Local Fleet Vehicles

The size of your fleet and your service area, have a direct impact on your branding strategy.

Fleet vehicle graphics decisions can influence your design and budget decisions. If you’re one of many HVAC or home service companies in town, your customers need to be reminded of how to reach you in a colorful, attention-grabbing manner. Fleet identification and graphics present an advertising opportunity second to none to provide mobile branding for your company. Most small and medium sized businesses operate in a highly competitive regionalized environment. Your fleet design needs to identify with your customers quickly. Full coverage corporate vehicle branding has far more staying power than just words or cut vinyl graphics.

Large national fleets often utilize advertising agencies or in-house marketing departments for design creation and message consistency. Execution of their fleet branding is strongly focused on working with a large format printing and installation vendor. That vendor must be able to consistently execute contiguous design, quality production, and installation throughout their fleet nationally. Ads On Wheels is relied on by many national franchise and corporate organizations to deliver and maintain their fleet graphics needs.

commercial van fleet graphics
van fleet graphics

Cost Benefit of Fleet Graphics: By the numbers

Consider that your fleet graphics are already traveling in your target market. Your vehicles are making deliveries or services calls to areas that your company essentially wants to own. To see the benefit of advertising on your fleet is very clear. When designed, printed, and installed properly, your brand will develop and grow every day. It is proven that, to be considered a legitimate entity and brand, consumers need to see your brand a minimum of 15 times. As your vans, trucks, or trailers deliver products or services to your clients, opportunity to stand out among competitors, presents itself every constantly. View some of the numbers below

What Fleet Graphics Move You?

Your potential target audience has to take notice, and when they do, the first thing that they are going to see are your fleet graphics. Chances are that the next time they think of your company or the services that you provide they are going to make the connections in their mind with your fleet graphics. This is how fleet wraps can provide an extremely effective form of brand recognition.

Commercial Truck Graphics
commercial truck graphics
Commercial Vehicle Graphics
commercial vehicle graphics

Fleet Identification and Branding

Fleet identification is becoming one of the most important elements to fleet management. Since people tend to gravitate toward things which are familiar, fleet and vehicle graphics create an impression in a consumer’s mind with a form of advertising that is on complete autopilot. Just imagine how many people are going to see that vehicle pass them by or even see it parked somewhere. In spite of the fact that fleet graphics have been used for so long, a vehicle which has some kind of artwork on it always grabs people’s attention. If you are not using fleet graphics and wraps to promote your company and build your brand, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities to get people talking about your business. If you are committed to use this powerful advertising tool for yourself, you will want to start with picking the most cost effective and professional fleet graphics and branding company you can get. What kind of fleet graphics do we provide? Simple, all of them. Below is a list of vehicle types of fleet graphics and branding that we provide. Contact our sales department for more information on bringing your fleet and brand to your prospective target market:

  • Bus Fleet Graphics
  • Taxi Cab fleet graphics
  • Beverage truck wraps and fleet graphics
  • Straight trucks graphics
  • Service trucks and vans
  • Trailer fleet graphics
  • Step van or food trucks
  • Ice Cream and Dairy truck graphics
  • Commercial fleet graphics
  • Box Trucks
  • Delivery vehicles
  • Transit advertising graphics

Fleet wraps are the best form of advertising you can buy!

Whatever moves your product or service, your vehicle should more your brand. From permanent branding to changeable advertising, fleet graphics are a cost-effective method to communicate your brand to your prospective target audience.