Transit and Shuttle Bus Wraps and Graphics

If frequency and impact are essential components to any successful advertising campaign, then bus wraps are one of the best mediums of mobile advertising available to businesses today.

What are the benefits of bus wraps?


Each bus wrap provides you with a moving canvas that is over 40 feet long and nearly 12 feet tall. This provides you, the advertiser, with a lot of possibilities in terms of how you design your campaign. Consumers believe bus advertising is relevant to them and suitable for most products. Big brands can be advertised at a community level.

Reach customers where they are every day, the road.

According to a recent out-of-home advertising study performed by Nielsen, Arbitron, 86% of consumers are away from home on a typical day. While this may be stressful for some, it is welcome news for those looking to purchase advertising space on buses, and other mediums of outdoor advertising.* Americans average at least two hours a day on the road, and lose approximately 38 hours of their time to traffic and congestion over the course of the year. This time on the road means the chances of them noticing your advertisement are definitely in your favor.* In fact, in one week’s time, at least 39% of commuters will notice a public bus and it’s advertisement.* Lastly, not only do bus wraps generate a lot of impressions at a low cost, they have the highest unprompted recall of any out-of-home advertising media.

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