Trailer fleet graphics and full wraps for Coca Cola

Semi Trailer Wraps and Graphics

Tractor Trailer graphics, much like coach bus graphics and RV graphics, offer a unique opportunity for employers to take advantage of valuable impressions outside of their local market. Unlike box trucks, which are mostly used by companies in need of completing deliveries on a small scale, tractor trailers are often used by companies to fulfill nationwide deliveries. Because of their massive size, and extent of reach, tractor trailers are prime subjects for promotions and advertisements.

The size of Tractor Trailers allow for more innovative, memorable graphics.

Tractor trailer graphics play to their strengths, as the surface area available to graphic designers allows for more innovation. In recent years, these remarkable vinyl wraps have been used to introduce new trends to the industry, including the use of three-dimensional graphics, and reflective materials.

What are three-dimensional graphics?

Utilizing skewed imagery, or slant art, our artists can add a sense of dimension to any vinyl graphic. For some brands in particular, this technique has been used to depict a larger-than-life version of their most popular product. These incredibly deceiving representations almost assuredly grab the attention of all who pass by.

What are reflective graphics?

For businesses with tractor trailers performing deliveries throughout the night, reflective graphics offer a special benefit that standard vehicle wraps simply cannot. Using a highly reflective vinyl material, these wraps grab hold of any light available, and draw immediate attention to the vehicle, creating an effective advertisement regardless of the time.

Do you offer special pricing for fleets?

Depending on the size of your fleet, and the design you have in mind, Ads on Wheels® currently offers special pricing for businesses in need of wrapping multiple vehicles. Take a look at our portfolio of Fleet Graphics to learn more.

Learn more about our available designs and the pricing of tractor trailer graphics by contacting one of our knowledgeable sales representatives today.