image of a full coach bus wrap and graphics using 3M vinyl. Bus wrap with American and Canadian flag with workers.


Bus wraps and graphics offer a unique advertising opportunity for those looking to expand their marketing outside of their local markets.


There is a unique benefit to advertising on mass transit within your local market, as the repetition and familiarity of your ad can do wonders for a consumer’s purchasing decision. However, with coach buses, the advertising opportunity available to you offers a larger reach. For brands represented nationwide, or businesses advertising themselves as a destination for travelers, coach buses are an opportunity to take advantage of targeted demographics, over the duration of an extended time period.


As coach buses are used by many to travel throughout the country via interstate roads, it’s important to note that these buses are commonly used by record companies, bands, politicians and other celebrities. In these specific cases, a promotional wrap on a bus wrap can score you valuable impressions, as the destination venues of those listed above will be drawing immense crowds of their own. With coach bus graphics, you can simply take advantage of those valuable impressions. Our full coverage bus wraps have the highest unprompted recall of any out-of-home advertising media. Bus wraps are a key advertising promotional tool for many of our corporate customers.

With bus wraps and graphics your message travels where the vehicle travels, making it even that more portable and visible. With bus wraps your marketing message isn’t set in stone either. Change your message or design based upon your changing marketing needs. You can target special events, audiences, or conduct product launches at a fraction of the cost of other advertising media. The flexibility and mobility of Ads On Wheels, Inc. bus wraps provide superb exposure. No other form of advertising offers a lower cost per impression value than wrapping…especially when the vehicle is over 40 feet long and nearly 12 feet tall!

Learn more about the benefits of coach bus graphics by contacting us, as one of our knowledgeable sales representatives will happily address any questions or concerns you may have.


Ads On Wheels, Inc. ®is a large format printing solutions company. We specialize in vehicle wraps.  We have the most experienced in-house design team that can take your ideas all the way to the final product. We offer full graphics design, printing, and nationwide local graphics installation. We can install your coach bus, tour bus, or concert bus wraps literally anywhere in the United States and Canada. One vendor, all of the resources. A turn-key solution for bus wraps and graphics.

We can design your bus graphics to be fresh and new, yet consistent with your current branding and promotion. We have a particular advantage when it comes to designing your bus wrap… we know what works. We know what will produce the best results possible, as well as what makes sense financially and creatively. Not to mention, having your designer and manufacturer in the same facility reduces delays in a process that is typically time-sensitive to begin with.

Whether you have quite a bit of design experience or none at all, we can work with you to make your design a reality. Some will tell you that any designer can design a bus or vehicle wrap, but there are actually many considerations when designing vehicle graphics ranging from physical placement decisions to an in-depth knowledge of the medium’s abilities, not to mention any considerations that need to made regarding the specifics of your particular promotion or event.

From the simplest design to the most complicated digital creation you can think of, we can create it. Although we almost always believe simple, easy to understand and easy to read is better, that doesn’t mean your design can’t have it own draw and style. At Ads On Wheels, Inc. we design exactly what you want and install it exactly when and where you want.


Bus and RV wraps and graphics provide an advertiser outstanding advertising opportunity. An American Trucking Associations study shows that in one year’s time, an average truck or Bus and RV wrap can make up to 16 MILLION visual impressions! When compared to the average cost of a billboard, the cost of an Ads On Wheels, Inc. Bus and RV wraps is far less expensive!

Did you also know that 75% of those consumers will develop a conscious impression of your company or product based on the appearance of your company Tour or coach Bus and RV, and 29% will make their purchasing decisions based on that impression? No other form of advertising offers a lower cost per impression value than Bus and RV wraps or Bus and RV graphics. One Bus and RV wrap with an effective design can generate millions of impressions per year. Imagine the results your Bus and RV wrap or graphics will have with high resolution graphics displayed on it . Bus wraps and graphics are the advertising choice for many small to medium size businesses that demand their advertising budget pays off. Studies by the American Trucking Association show that 91 percent of people notice words and pictures when displayed on trucks. Bus and transit graphics are viewed by 14 million people a year. Take advantage; show more than just a name on the side of your vehicle.

Let Ads On Wheels, Inc. create an catching mobile billboard for your tour bus, coach bus, or corporate event bus. Another fact to keep in mind is that even if you have leased or rented vehicles, the wrap will NOT damage the OEM paint. When it is time to return the bus to it’s original condition, no problem with a wrap removal. No other form of advertising offers a lower cost per impression value than a vehicle wrap.

Bus wraps are now common place in almost every city in America and well as internationally. The advertising space is just too valuable to go unused. That same point applies to non-commuter buses and today vinyl wraps are used on all types of buses including tour buses, sightseeing buses, road show buses, promotional buses and reality shows buses. Because of their size and presence, buses are often used by companies for new ad campaigns, street team marketing, new product launches, trade shows and event marketing.

Advertising Statistics*
* Prime time TV spot $20.54
* Newspaper (1/4 page BW) 11.66
* Prime time network TV 11.31
* Radio (: 60 morning drive slot) 5.92
* Rotary bulletins (posters) 3.90
* Rotary bulletins (billboards) 1.78
* Truckside ad 0.70

* Cost per Thousand (CPM) Source: Trucking Association & Outdoor Advertising Association of America

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